Our conference venue, Evoluon, is located in the area of Eindhoven nowadays called Strijp-S. A former Philips industrial plant is turned into a vibrant living lab.

IENE has a very broad worldwide network of highly motivated and committed professionals who work at the interface of traffic infrastructure and the surrounding nature. It's good to see that also at the IENE 2018 Conference members from all over the world will join us in Eindhoven in September. 

Hop on the boat!

An excursion highlighted: Defragmentation of the Naardermeer marshes

During this excursion we will show you a great variety of complex problems and measures we have taken here and we will inform you about the cooperation between governments, NGO’s and volunteers.

We are happy to welcome several keynote speakers at the IENE 2018 conference. Ignace Schops, a Belgian environmentalist, is one of them. 

Camiel Meijneken, member of the Organizing Committee

Working at ProRail, the Dutch railway authority, Camiel Meijneken is program manager of the national Multi-Annual Defragmentation Program within ProRail. His daily job is that of project manager and in that role he is since 2012 responsible for almost all construction projects beneath and above the railroad that follow from the mjpo program. 

We are happy to welcome several keynote speakers at the IENE 2018 conference. Kamiel Spoelstra is one of them. He is a behavioural ecologist, and specializes on the impact of anthropogenic activity on natural habitat.

Originally a science museum, the distinctively designed Evoluon in Eindhoven is now a sleek, modern conference center. 

Make use of the early bird fee of €300,00 excluding VAT till June 1 and please note that till May 22 students, and professionals from developing countries can send a request for support.

Gerlies Nap, member of the Organizing Committee

In her daily life Gerlies is environmental manager in the province of Noord-Holland. An environmental manager is responsible for all the contacts with the stakeholders in a project. 

We proudly welcome the Province of Antwerp as one of our main sponsors of the IENE 2018 conference.