Since 2012, each international conference a Final Declaration is produced that focuses on a topic that requires particular attention from transportation and nature conservancy stakeholders. For this year a draft of the declaration had already been prepared. Since the occasion for organizing the IENE2018 International conference in the Netherlands is the ending of the national defragmentation programme (MJPO), the focus of this declaration will be likewise.


IENE is working on Harmonizing Transportation and Nature as an initiative in Europe and internationally since 1996. This 20 years story decided to be recorded and shaped in a small booklet as a short history by the Steering Committee of IENE after the IENE 2016 conference in Lyon, France. Initial inspirators, supporters and organizations with the active participation of more than 400 members the last years, gave step by step what we call IENE today.


IENE has a very broad worldwide network of highly motivated and committed professionals who work at the interface of traffic infrastructure and the surrounding nature. It's good to see that also at the IENE 2018 Conference members from all over the world will join us in Eindhoven in September. 

2018 is a very special year for the Netherlands: the MJPO (Multi-Annual Defragmentation Programme) will be completed. This nation-wide, region-oriented programme  in which the central government and provincial governments worked together to resolve 178 bottlenecks between the existing national transport infrastructure and the main ecological network. 

Thursday 13 September  /  17:15 - 18:45  

Room: Philips Hall