Since 2012, each international conference a Final Declaration is produced that focuses on a topic that requires particular attention from transportation and nature conservancy stakeholders. This message represents a common statement by the participants and addresses decision makers, planners, technicians and researchers as well as the general public, by calling for actions that contribute to finding solutions to emerging conflicts, filling the research gap and overall minimizing the impact that transport infrastructure exerts on nature.

For this year a draft of the declaration had already been prepared. Since the occasion for organizing the IENE2018 International conference in the Netherlands is the ending of the national defragmentation programme (MJPO), the focus of this declaration will be likewise. The title of the concept declaration will be ’Connecting Europe, connecting nature: building bridges and crossing borders for the defragmentation of Europe’. The goal of this declaration is to emphasize the synergetic approach between the realization of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) and the European strategy on Green Inrastructure (TEN-G) and so the opportunities the synergy between the two networks can radiate. International cooperation and interdisciplinary collaboration is therefore essential.

You can download the draft text of the IENE2018 Final Declaration here. If you have any comments on this text, please let us know by sending us an email. Also during the conference you can hand in your comments at the IENE-stand on the infomarket. Thursday 13th of September the declaration will be finalized. During the closing session on Friday 14th September the Final Declaration will be pronounced by the involved members of the IENE Steering Committee after approval by majority of the IENE2018 participants.