IENE chair Anders Sjölund officially opened the subscription 

On the 27th of March the IENE Steering Committee visited the Evoluon in Eindhoven. Anders Sjölund, chair of IENE, officially opened the subscription of the IENE2018 conference by sending a symbolic email which made the subscription page on the website go online. At the conference venue a meet-up was being organized with the IENE Steering Committee and the IENE2018 Program Committee (PC) and Organization Committee (OC).

The meeting between the three committees took place in the Evoluon so everybody could already get used to the atmosphere of this iconic building. Since there was a big event going on in the event hall of the Evoluon the members of the Steering Committee had the opportunity to have sort of a preview on the atmosphere during IENE2018. In the meeting chair of the OC Adam Hofland and chair of the PC Edgar van der Grift told the Steering Committee more about the progress of the conference. Edgar gave a special first glimpse on the selected contributions to the program since the evaluation of the call for abstracts was finished. All together it was a constructive meeting loaded with the exchange of all kinds of tips and tricks from all involved to make even a better IENE2018!