Just recently a webcam has been installed at the building site of the future Asselsche Heide wildlife crossing. This site will be visited during the fieldtrip nr 7 (Defragmentation through ecological corridors and passage ways). It is just one of the additional wildlife crossings in order to restore the coherence between both sections of the Veluwe.

With an area of almost 90.000 ha designated as Natura 2000, it is the largest terrestrial nature reserve in northwest-Europe. The Veluwe consists largely of forests and heathland. Fragmentation by roads, railways and fences is a major threat. Together with other natural bridges in this area, the future Asselsche Heide wildlife crossing ensures that the northern and southern part of the Veluwe are connected to each other again.

You can find the webcam at https://webwatch.nu/projecten/ecoduct-asselsche-heide/