Every newsletter we highlight an excursion, this time it is:

Defragmentation of the Naardemeer marshes

On behalf of the province of Noord-Holland we invite you to join the fieldtrip to the Naardermeer. This Natura 2000 site is owned and managed for more than 100 (!) years by the NGO Natuurmonumenten. During this period the surroundings of this area became densely populated and infrastructure isolated and divided the nature reserve. During this excursion we will show you a great variety of complex problems and measures we have taken here and we will inform you about the cooperation between governments, NGO’s and volunteers.

During this whole day field trip we will visit various interesting sites:

1. The nature connection Naardermeer-Ankeveen, a ecologic carefully designed ecoduct for water and marsh species. This is the largest marsh connection in the Netherlands! We will tell you about the design of the bridges and of the results of the monitoring, which is a cooperation between professionals and volunteers

2. The river Vecht, where several maesures have been taken for the ecological connection between the Naardermeer and the marshes around Amsterdam. Here we will explain how a very complex infrastructural work can give opportunities for the realisation of nature/ecological measures.

3. The Naardermeer, where we will show you the marsh and lakes by boat. This marsh and lakes (N2000 site) are divided by a very frequent used railway. We will give you a presentation of our innovative plans for defragmentation of the railway. Defragmentation of railways is very complicated but possible if you think about new techniques. Nowadays the Naardermeer is reconnected with other N2000 wetlands. And it works! Vulnerable species returned and increased: Grass snake (Natrix natrix), moorfrog (Rana arvalis) and Otter (Lutra lutra).

Organizing parties
This fieldtrip is organized by the province Noord-Holland, in collaboration with Natuurmonumenten, ProRail, Movares and the Dutch Mammal Society.

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