© Goois Natuurreservaat, The Netherlands / Photo: W. Metz


This field trip is not a traditional one. This is a field trip on your own! With a map and route description you will hike across an impressive natural area, The Gooi Nature Reserve. This reserve is located on the top and flanks of glacial sand deposits. Mixed forests and heathland are the main habitats.

You will be able to enjoy the beauty of this landscape, encounter wildlife and learn about what initiatives have been taken to preserve and reconnect the different parts of this reserve. On the way you will come across different wildlife crossing structures, including the green bridges Zanderij Crailoo and Laarderhoogt. Together with your route description, you will receive information about the highlights along the route.

You will be transported by bus to the starting point of the hike at the Visitor Center Gooi- en Vechtstreek of the Dutch Society for Nature Conservation. After a good cup of coffee you can start your 18 km-hike, by yourself or together with friends. You will be provided with a lunch box to organize your picknick in the field, but you may also want to have a stop at one of the restaurants that will be along the route. The hike will end at the shoreline of The Gooi Lake, where you can enjoy a drink in a cozy café in the harbor of Huizen and wait for the bus to pick you up again for the return to Eindhoven.   

Time of departure:    9:00

Time of return:          17:00

Duration:                    8:00 h

Transportation by:     bus, foot

Capacity:                     50

Key words:                  forest, heathland, fens, hike

Organization:              Wageningen Environmental Research