Also this field trip is not a traditional one. Again, this is a field trip on your own! But this time without a specific hike and without any crossing structures or other forms of mitigation to visit. This is a field trip just to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Kampina Nature Reserve. This reserve is located close to Eindhoven, so it will not take much time to get there.

The area is famous for its heathlands, fens and lakes. The variety of habitats makes that it is inhabited by many bird species. Since 2000, 115 bird species have been breeding in the area, including 30 species that have a Red List status. These include species like stonechat, tree lark, curlew, yellow wagtail, little owl or nightjar. Besides the birds, you may enjoy the numerous plants or butterflies, including the white admiral, purple emperor, silver-strudded blue and alcon blue. And if you are lucky you may spot some viviparous lizards or roe deer. 

You will be transported by bus to the starting point at the Visitor Center Oisterwijk of the Dutch Society for Nature Conservation. After a good cup of coffee you can start your explorations of the area, by yourself or together with friends. We will provide you with a map, so you don’t get lost. You will also be provided with a lunch box to organize your picknick in the field, but you may also want to have a stop at one of the restaurants that can be found along the borders of the reserve.

There is no specific destination you have to visit, it’s all up to you: visit a viewpoint, spy from a bird hide or just wander around! Just be sure you are back at the starting point on time to catch the bus back to Eindhoven!

Time of departure:    9:00

Time of return:          17:30

Duration:                    8:30 h

Transportation by:     bus, foot

Capacity:                     50

Key words:                  forest, heathland, wildlife crossing structures, hike

Organization:              Wageningen Environmental Research