The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality wants to ensure good prospects for the Dutch farming, horticulture and fishing sectors, which are renowned worldwide for producing good-quality food that is safe and affordable. The Ministry is working with all stakeholders to restore and maintain natural areas. It aims to consolidate the agriculture sector’s leading international position, strengthen the link between nature and agriculture, and improve farmers’ economic situation.


At Animex we combine biological understanding with modern engineering insight to provide leading solutions in wildlife exclusion fencing and mitigation services. With over a decade of experience within the construction and conservation industries Animex have worked alongside many non-government and government organisations to provide effective solutions to help safeguard wildlife on a comprehensive range of projects. We take pride in our global knowledge that we combine with local expertise to enable us to provide effective solutions and products suitable to the needs of your projects.


Biodiversity and wildfire prevention at Infra Transport Routes

Can we stop an uncontrollable wildfire? In the Netherlands, wildfires are an underestimated risk. The risk does not only apply to the large concentration of residential and recreational areas but also to the infrastructure that crosses a nature reserve. Transport movements, e.g. highway and railway routes, increase the chance of the occurrence of a wildfire. The natural compartment borders often include broadleaved belts and form a natural stop line where a wildfire is supposed to stop. The aim is not only to prevent wildfires from getting uncontrollable but also increase biodiversity and to protect vulnerable nature.

Together with all partners, a plan has now been set up to prevent wildfires risks and green verges in order to promote the increase of bees and butterflies. This joint plan has been nominated for the IENE award.

The Netherlands Fire Service wants to prevent and limit the risks of wildfires as much as possible.

Together with partners such as the Butterfly Foundation, Green deal Partners, nature and infra-organizations. The project area oriented approach is being developed and implemented on a national level. This project is part of  the program ‘Working together on large-scale and specialisms by the Netherlands Fire Service’.

Crossing borders for a greener and sustainable transport infrastructure

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