Bureau Waardenburg: Independent, practical research and advice for people and wildlife

Extensive knowledge and expertise

We have been at the forefront of independent  research and advice in the fields of ecology,  nature and landscape for over thirty-five years.

Bureau Waardenburg is characterised by its highly committed and motivated staff. Together they hold a wealth of expertise based on both formal training and practical experience. The combination of this strong theoretical knowledge and field experience possessed by our staff, distinguishes us from other consultancies and ensures innovative yet realistic advice.


No two projects are exactly the same and our starting point is always to consider the specific requirements of the client. Our ecologists, biologists, aquatic and marine ecologists, botanists, ornithologists, animal ecologists and physical geographers are further supported by specialists in landscape design, grphic design, statistics, spatial analysis, data management and GIS. Experienced project managers with detailed knowledge of the issues safeguard for consistency and coordination throughout the entire process.

The organisation is made up of the following sectors: Aquatic Ecology, Nature & Landscape, Bird Ecology

Areas of expertise

  • Surveys and monitoring
  • Design and management plans
  • Impact assessments
  • Environmental laws and regulations
  • Specialist and innovative research
  • Information systems and statistics
  • Underwater research
  • Communication and design
  • Specialist photography and filming (aerial, underwater and remote)


Specialist equipment

We ensure that we use the best materials for the task at hand. From nets, traps and laboratory equipment to boats, drones, underwater cameras and diving equipment, we select the most suitable equipment and if needed develop custom equipment.

We are also involved with the development of  innovative techniques and equipment. This includes systems for monitoring bird movements with radar, remotely controlled cameras and field recording software.


We have a reputation for producing high quality products. We have ISO certification and also accreditation for carrying out hydrobiological research. Our fieldworkers hold diplomas in health and safety for operational managers. We also have an offshore team who are fully trained and certified for working in offshore environments. Our underwater biologists are fully certified as professional divers and qualified to dive at offshore installations.

Being a member of the Dutch Network of Green Organisations we carry out our work according to its code of practice.


  • National Governments
  • Regional authorities
  • Local authorities
  • Water authorities
  • Energy providers and suppliers
  • Contractors
  • Developers
  • Advice and development agencies
  • Wind farm developers
  • Engineers
  • Urban planners
  • Cabling and pipeline companies
  • NGOs
  • Nature conservation organisations
  • Reserve managers


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